Friday, November 28, 2008

Kids at Play

Thanksgiving Pics

Thanksgiving Cox Style

Well, happy late Thanksgiving to everyone that I did not get a chance to say it to. The whole Cox family gathered at Uncle Rich and Aunt Lyn's house this year. I believe there were close to 60 people there. I knew that Bryce had a big family, but 60 people?! And that doesn't even include everyone that lives out of state, as well as, some of the cousins and their families who live near us who were not able to come. So, the food was great and the company was even better! I took some random pics so I unfortunately did not get a picture of everyone who was there. It was really nice to see TJ, Mischa, and Emery. I can't believe that Emery is almost a year old already! Ms. McKenzie (Michael and Rachael's daughter) lost her very first tooth yesterday! So, I hope the tooth fairy was good to her! In one of the pictures you will see Hallie pulling Cooper around in wagon. It was the funniest thing to me because Cooper weighs so much more than Hallie. I asked her if he was heavy and she said no. It was really cute! And of course, this was Sara's first Thanksgiving. And she enjoyed sleeping and rolling around on the floor. So, as the holidays have begun I have given a lot of thought as to what I am thankful for and the list is long of course. But, I am truly thankful for Bryce and the wonderful husband and father that he is. I am thankful for my children and that they are healthy and happy. I am thankful to have the gospel in my life. I am very thankful for my family, especially my mom and my grandmother. I am also thankful for Bryce's family for the support and love they have shown me. There are numerous other things that I am thankful for, but too many to list. I hope that each of us takes a moment every day to think about all the things in our lives that we have to be thankful for. I also hope that we all remember as Christmas nears, what we are really celebrating. This is the best time for us as Christians to show what the true meaning of Christmas is.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, as many of y'all know, I love to read. It has always been hard for me to see a movie after I read the book because the movie is usually never as good as the book. The only exception so far has been the Harry Potter movies. They are awesome! So, a group of us went to see the long awaited Twilight. Now, I loved, loved the books. But, I kind of knew that I shouldn't get my hopes up. So, onto the movie. I honestly have to say that during the first part of the movie I was ready to get up and walk out. In my opinion, the movie started out slow. Also, in the first part of the movie I felt like they didn't really stick to the book too much and that drives me crazy!!! Now, onto the Cullens. When I first saw them, it was so obvious that they were vampires because their faces were so WHITE! I think the worst part about seeing a movie after you read the book is you have already decided in your mind about what the characters look like and then when you actually "see" them it kind of disappoints you. Well, that was me last night. Especially with Jasper. He was just weird! The second half was much better. It followed the book better and wasn't as slow as the beginning. I loved how they left it open for another movie. So, all in all, an OK movie and it has definitely made me want to reread my Harry Potter books before the new movie comes out!

Disclaimer: This author is not a movie critic. This author is entitled to his/her opinion. All comments are welcome with an open mind as long as there are no negative comments about the author posted.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Silly Boy!!

So, for the past two mornings when I have gone to get Cooper after he has woken up, he comes to his bedroom door with his pajamas half unzipped and pointing to his foot saying, "Car." I guess I don't get to him quick enough in the mornings so he has to figure out something to do to pass the time. Anyway, just thought I would share my funny story with ya'll.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Us!

My life with all its randomness

So, this is totally what I feel like on most days. I have so much to say, but not sure where to start. First, it is so hard being a stay at home mom to 2 kids under 2. It seems like everytime I am trying to do something around this house Cooper is undoing something else or Sara is crying because she can't see me or Cooper isn't entertaining her. I have posted a pic of some clothes that we had packed up that are too small for Cooper to wear anymore. Well, today as I was getting Sara dressed for the day, Cooper decided to unpack the tote full of clothes and put them all over the house. But, as you can tell in the other pic of me and Cooper it also fun at times. Sara finally sat in the high chair for the first time Monday night. I can't believe how fast time flies. She is really starting to get mobile. I also thought I would post a pic of Bryce being Bryce. And last but not least, we got rid of our puppy. Copper was just too much for us right now. He would knock poor Cooper on the ground and just beat up on him. So, I have to say thanks to Brent and Cindy (OK really Cindy) for taking Copper off our hands and keeping him and Amia together.

Cooper's new hair cut

So, the other day Bryce decided that he needed a hair cut and then of course Cooper thought that he did too. So, Cooper's barber aka Bryce cut his hair. It is a little short for my liking, but Cooper loves it so I guess it is OK.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am so glad......

that the election is finally over! Now don't get me wrong, I'm not happy with who was elected, but I am glad that I don't have to see and hear any more political ads. I so hate all the mud slingning that goes on. Can't we all just get along???? Well, here's to another 4 years!