Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just an Update

Well, it seems like I need to buy stock in Lysol. As I had said last week, both kids had a cold. Well, here we are a week later and Sara still has a cold. But, Cooper has a double ear infection. Poor kid...he has been miserable the past couple of days. I guess I should be thankful though that this is only the second time he has ever had to be on antibiotics. Anyways, Sara has cut 3 teeth in the past week so that could explain some of her fussiness. So, here are some long over due pictures of the kids.

The Kids

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sara is 9 months!

So, Sara is 9 months old. I can't believe how fast time flies! We took her yesterday for her check-up and she is doing great. Well, besides the fact that she has a cold right now. She has been crawling for for several months now and pulling up on any and every thing that she can. She also now "cruises" around the furniture or whatever she can hang onto. Sara can stand unassisted for a few seconds before she either falls or grabs onto something. We have bought her a stroll-along walker and she has taken a couple of steps with that, but she doesn't get much of a chance to practice with it because her big brother likes to play it. She has also learned how to crawl onto Cooper's toddler bed and climb the stairs at church. Of course, the down part is, she doesn't know how to get down. As of right now, Sara has 4 teeth. She has 2 bottom teeth and 2 on top that have come through and she has 2 more on top that are breaking through. I was going to post some recent pics of her, but with her being sick the past several days I don't have any that are very flattering. So, as soon as I get some recent pics I will post them. Her 9 month stats are: 18.3 lbs. and 27 1/4 inches long and her head circumference is 18 inches. So, she is in the 25-50% percentile for her height and weight and in the 90% percentile for her head circumference. I blame the big head on the Cox gene. I am sure I will find out if my kids are the only ones in the family with a big head and if they are, well then I guess we will know where they got their genes from.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cooper's First Professional Hair cut

Well, we finally bit the bullet and took Cooper to get a professional hair cut. Bryce did a wonderful job cutting Cooper's hair, but it was time that Cooper got a nice finished look. I am pleased to let every one know that he actually did really well. I was very surprised at how still he sat. I don't think I have seen him sit that still unless he is watching Dora or Diego or he is asleep. So, I guess it is official. My baby boy has turned into my little man!

I have also thrown in some random pics taken. For some reason Cooper likes to put big boy underwear on over his diaper. But, one pair is not enough. He likes at least two or three pairs. And of course, they never all go in the same direction! Poor guy couldn't get his undies to cover his diaper bum by his self so mommy had to help. Hey, what are moms for? And I haven't taken many pictures of Sara lately. So, here are a couple of her showing off her pearly whites. And believe me, when she makes this face she also sounds like a bulldog. But, she is a very cute bulldog!!

Random pics

All About Cooper

The other day I was in the living room and I asked Cooper to please come here. Well, he never did. So, when he is quiet I always think what is he getting into. So, off I go searching the house for him. I looked in the laundry room. No Cooper. I looked in the bathroom. No Cooper. I looked in Sara's room. No Cooper. I looked in our room. No Cooper. (I bet ya'll are wondering why didn't you look in his room. Because he is never in his room when he hides from me! He is usually somewhere else because he is not supposed to be in that room.) So, I eventually go in his room. I look around his room and I don't see him. I walk out into the hallway and I hear him giggle. So, I go back into his room and walk all the way into his and behold there he is!! He has climbed onto the shelves in his closest. I swear the kid is half monkey sometimes.

As some of you know, Cooper also has this love for lining things up. Whether it is his cars, tractors, toys, or stuffed animals. I am told that several of his uncles did this when they where little kids as well. So, the other night Bryce and I are watching TV in the living room and Cooper and Sara are playing in the kitchen. Well, I knew he was messing around with our drinks, but didn't think much of it until I walked into the kitchen. I think the kid has a problem!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor

Ever since The Bachelor began, I have watched it every season through every failed realtionship. I have even watched The Bachelorette and thought that the women maybe had a better chance at finding love and getting and staying married. Well, after last season's Bachlorette, DeAnna, most of America fell in love with Jason (OK, most of the women in America, me included). I just loved Jason! He was so cute, sweet, sensitive, but most of all a wonderful father. Of course, when DeAnna didn't choose him I was heartbroken for him and wanted to beat her up nad tell her what I thought of her. So, I was extremely excited when I heard that Jason was going to be this season's Bachelor. Well, I was even more excited when I saw that Melissa was one of the lucky ladies on this season. (I have seen her on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Show on CMT previously) So, I kind of felt like I "knew" her already. Needless to say, I was really excited when I watched the finale tonight and Jason picked Melissa and they were so happy. Isn't that what love is supposed to look like it? Then, after the final rose came on. Oh my gosh! What a loser Jason is!! What kind of man breaks up with his fiance on national television?! Hello?!?! I felt so bad for Melissa. I totally agree with Melissa though. Jason should have fought a little harder for their relationship. I mean 6 weeks? Come on! That is why there is such a high divorce rate right now. People think they can just get married and then when things get too hard they can just get divorced. And then there is Molly. Don't get me wrong, I like Molly. I think that she will love Jason whole heartedly. But, to have had your heart ripped out of your chest and stomped on by this man, sent home to deal with it and move on with your life and then 6 weeks later he decides to tell you that he made a mistake and he wants another chance. Poor girl! I would be so confused! So, I cried all through the after the final rose tonight and I really hope that Jason doesn't do the same thing to Molly if their relationship hits a rough patch as well. My biggest concern in all of this was, what is he teaching his son?