Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jeremiah Schmunk Invitational 2009

Saturday was the Jeremiah Schmunk Invitational. Or in laymen's turns a wrestling tournament. Jeremiah was a former Warden wrestler who graduated in 2002. He had dreamed of joing the military since he was a little boy when he saw the tv commercial where Uncle Sam points at the screen and says, "I want YOU!" Jeremiah joined the National Guard. In July of 2004, Jeremiah was killed while fighting for his country. In remembrance of Jeremiah, Warden High School started the Jeremiah Schmunk Invitational. Over the past few years the invitational has grown a little bigger each year. Usually, Shirley (Jeremiah's mother) takes part in the tournament by handing out medals to all of the winners. The final team scores for the tournament were 1. Warden, 2. Cashmere, 3. Connell

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