Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Play House Disney Live!

On Valentine's Day, Bryce and I took Cooper to see Playhouse Disney Live. I'm not really sure if he liked it, but I don't think he didn't not like it. I hope that makes sense. He just kind of sat there most of the time staring at the stage. I guess you could say he was enthralled by it. We did see Amy, Kayla, Kelsey, and Amy's mom there also. I tried to get a pic of them, but you can only make out Kayla. So, that is how we spent our Valentine's Day, with our children.


AOlson said...

We had so much fun. The girls were dancing and singing!! Kelsie could not stop talking about it when we got home. She told her daddy EVERYTHING!! I am sure Cooper enjoyed it more than you think!!

Todd and Shana said...

I bet he was ENTHRALLED! I think Lauren would have been too. How fun! We spent our V-day with the kids too. We got take-out from the mexican restaurant downtown though, it was yummy and we didn't have to fight our kids to sit still! :)

ab5cgang said...

What a better way to spend Valentines day. With those who love you no matter what. Cute pictures.