Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cooper's First Professional Hair cut

Well, we finally bit the bullet and took Cooper to get a professional hair cut. Bryce did a wonderful job cutting Cooper's hair, but it was time that Cooper got a nice finished look. I am pleased to let every one know that he actually did really well. I was very surprised at how still he sat. I don't think I have seen him sit that still unless he is watching Dora or Diego or he is asleep. So, I guess it is official. My baby boy has turned into my little man!

I have also thrown in some random pics taken. For some reason Cooper likes to put big boy underwear on over his diaper. But, one pair is not enough. He likes at least two or three pairs. And of course, they never all go in the same direction! Poor guy couldn't get his undies to cover his diaper bum by his self so mommy had to help. Hey, what are moms for? And I haven't taken many pictures of Sara lately. So, here are a couple of her showing off her pearly whites. And believe me, when she makes this face she also sounds like a bulldog. But, she is a very cute bulldog!!


ab5cgang said...

Coopers hair cut turned out really cute.

Cox Family News said...

I thought Cooper's hair was really cute at church. He's really stylin'
Your lesson was good too. Sorry we were all such duds sitting there. I think it was the getting up an hour earlier thing.
Aunt Lorrie