Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, on Saturday, I took the kids out to Uncle Joe and Aunt Sharon's for the annual Cox Family Easter get together. And like last year, it was a little cool and windy. Where does all that stinkin' wind come from? So, after dealing with a 2 year old melt down (not to mention a mommy one too) the day turned out pretty good. Cooper made out like a bandit with a ton of eggs this year! He found one of Great Grandma Cox's special eggs that he got to trade in for a dollar. He also found an egg with $5 in it, another egg with about .75 cents and an egg with 20 pesos! Maybe, Cooper will go on his mission to Mexico one day and he can use that money then. Unfortunately, Sara didn't not get to hunt for Easter eggs this year. She just isn't quite ready yet. But, she really could have cared less. This morning when Cooper woke up, he came out to the living room and saw that the Easter Bunny had been here and he got so excited. It's nice that at this age a coloring book and a plastic egg with Elmo inside just makes Cooper's day. Sara was also visited by the Easter bunny, but we weren't able to get any pictures of her getting her stuffed animal out of her basket because Cooper had already taken it out for her. So, after we got them dressed for church, I tried to get some pictures of them in their Easter outfits and that didn't work so well. But, at least you get the jest of the picture. Now, if I can only teach Cooper that he cannot eat ALL of his candy at once. I wonder who decided that on Easter, candy should be given out? Anyways, hope you enjoy the pictures. There are some of the older kids out at the Buck's looking for eggs in the field. Get your magnifying glass out and see if you can make out who is who!


Todd and Shana said...

Your kids look so cute Jodie! I got bubble guns for our kids and little chocolate bunnies. They LOVED them. We also got MarioKart for the family though, and thats been lots of fun. Don't worry, we all have our meltdown moments and I'm so glad the day turned out better for you.

Going Family said...

Cooper is such a cutie looking for his eggs. I'm glad you had a good Easter holiday, even if it had a rough start.

You're so lucky...Chris reads your blog and comments!!