Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Review

Man, did we have a couple of busy days! Of course, I would rather be busy than bored. As some of you know, my mom is going to be losing her job July 1. This will be the third time in 10 years that she has been laid off. Unfortunately, the town where I grew up doesn't have alot of job opportunities anymore. The paper mill was shut down and destroyed about 10 years ago or so. The railroad company laid off (I think) all of their employees, but 3-4. Now, Arizona Chemical is following suit. With the plant closing down, the only jobs left will be working at the Piggly Wiggly, McDonald's, or going to school to become a realtor. Of course, with the economy the way it is, not to mention St Joe and the surrounding areas have a ton of Realtors, sell real estate is probably not the way to go. So, my parents are going to have to sell the house that I grew up in and move away. At this point, they have no clue what they are going to do or where they are going to go. One choice is to move up here to be closer to us. There are a couple other choices, but right now it is going to be where ever my mom can find a job.

So, anyways, on Friday, Bryce, the kids, and I went to Moses Lake to look at houses for sale. We found some really great houses that I know we would love to have! We feel like we found the perfect house for them. It is a new community towards the fair grounds and the house has yet to be built. So, they would be able to pick all the fun stuff (cabinets, colors, countertops, etc.). The house is also built to be handicap accessible, which is important for my dad. I know that it is probably very selfish of me, but I would love to have my parents move up here and be closer to us. I know that my mom would love to be around her grandkids and get to watch them grow up. It would also be nice to just have my family here, as well as Bryce's. It has been very hard on me the past 2 years since we moved from Florida. I have really missed having my mom close to me. So, right now they are just hoping that Heavenly Father will lead them in the right direction. Hopefully, that direction will be to the northwest of the US!

Saturday, the kids and I went to Cael and Cason's pre-school graduation. It was so adorable to see the kids sing and do little dances! I just hate that I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures. (In case you haven't figured it out yet, I love to take pictures!) Cooper was so excited to see the twins. When he woke up Saturday morning, the first thing he asked me was, "Go see Cael and Cason?" I do believe the twins are his idols!! Anyways, congratulations boys!! Soon you will be on the way to your first day of Kindergarten!! Sorry, Cindy. I know it is hard seeing your babies grow up. You are more than welcome to get some baby lovin' on Sara though!!

After, the boys' graduation, we went to a playgroup get together over at the Leavitt's. Our Relief Society has started a playgroup for the moms of children 5 and under. It was alot of fun to go hang out with some of the other moms and get to know them better. Not to mention, the kids had other kids to play with that were close to their age. Cooper loved playing in the pool and just running around the backyard! Sara enjoyed the pool until she got splashed in the face. Then, she was just over it! All in all, I think it was a success and can't wait for the next one!



Chad and Jaycie Cole said...

Jodie, I can't read your blog with the yellow background and the white type. I thought it was maybe just my computer but Cindy said the same thing.

AOlson said...

Ditto on Jaycie's comment.

Sounds like you are quite the busy bee. How fun! That would be so great for you to have your parents so close to you!!

Going Family said...

Sorry to hear about your mom and dad. Crazy how a trial can turn into a blessing (depending on how you look at it) I hope all works out for them. It would be great if they moved closer to you, but better yet I hope you mom finds a great job soon.

Chad and Jaycie Cole said...

That's not selfish for wanting them here......it's called love! :) I'm glad the mom's group went well, I was planning on dropping in to see how it was all going and then totally spaced it. All I could think about was getting Trace's scout stuff done and cleaning the church. I hope it takes off and there are many more to come.