Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some Family Firsts

Last Wednesday, Cooper went on his very first field trip. His preschool went to an apple orchard in Royal City. It was also my very first time going to Royal and an apple orchard. The kids had so much fun! They were able to pick a ton of apples. I was amazed to see everyone of the children eating an apple. I guess I just assume that most kids don't like fruit. I will tell you this though, apples just picked off the tree are delicious!

Today was yet another first for our family. We have been so blessed to have healthy children who have not been majorly hurt or injured or even really that sick. I guess our luck was bound to change eventually. This morning while I was getting ready for a doctor's appt, Sara got her thumb slammed in a door. I'm not quite sure what happened, but when I heard her screaming bloody murder, I knew it was bad. I guess she was trying to go into Cooper's room and he didn't want her in there. So, being a 2 1/2 yr old her slammed his door shut. Well, Sara's thumb was in the door jam (where the hinges are). When Bryce brought her into the kitchen, I thought I was about to die. Her thumb was so dented in, that it was crooked. It was also bleeding around her nail.

So, we ended up taking Sara to the doctor. We just wanted to make sure that everything was OK. If Bryce had his way, we probably wouldn't have taken her in. But, I was freaking out a little. Anyways, when we saw the PA, she said that kids this age usually don't break their bones because they are still a little soft. She went ahead and ordered an x-ray just to make sure everything was fine. Well, lo and behold, Sara had a small fracture in her thumb. Since it was bleeding and had a little cut, it is considered an open fracture. So, Sara is now on antibiotics for the first time. She seems to be doing OK, compensating with her other hand and still playing and wanting to be around her brother.



AOlson said...

I can't tell you how many times one of my kids had their fingers smashed in a door jam or sliding door. I cringe just thinking about it. Luckily nothing more than sreaming and tears. It must be in the Cox blood to NOT go to the doctor. Kevin NEVER wants me to take them in.

And I agree Apples straight off the tree are super delicious!!

Cox Family News said...

We made more trips to the ER than I care to count when the kids were growing up. Usually cuts & gashes. Only broken bone was Kevin's collar bone when he was about 5. You get used to it after a while and it becomes part of what you do. Part of being a mom.

Going Family said...

You were very smart to take Sara to see the doctor. I'm sure Shawn would have insisted that she is fine and she doesn't need a doctor.

Cooper is getting so big!!

ab5cgang said...

The craziness we call life. Congrats Cooper and Sorry Sara.

Pameleen said...

That is terrifying! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the apple farm!