Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

The weather has been absolutely beautiful the past several days! This is most definitely one of my favorite times of year. This winter has been so mild compared to the other winters that we have lived in Washington. I don't think that the groundhog got it right for us in the Columbia Basin. If this is what another 6 weeks of winter looks like, we will take it for sure!


Todd and Shana said...

I agree! LOVE the sunshine and I am very much looking forward to our summer days at the pool!

Devon said...

We're getting there, that's for sure!!!

Heatherlyn said...

I hope it is Spring!!! I'd love to get some things done in my yard and the weeds are already growing again. Of course, I'd be OK if it didn't become summer too quickly because then it becomes too hot to do yard work! :)