Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cooper's 1st Time In The Snow!

Today was Cooper's first time getting to play in the snow. He really had a good time for the most part. Bryce ended up burying him in the snow and when he picked Cooper up out of the snow Cooper got so mad!! I guess he liked be buried up to his head in snow! Anyways, he also liked to eat the snow. But, after awhile his mittens got wet from the snow and his poor little hands got cold. That is when he was done having fun. By the time Bryce brought him in, he was crying and his poor little hands were so red and FREEZING! Hopefully, on Bryce's next day off he will be able to take Cooper sledding and maybe he will enjoy that a little better.

So, I know this has nothing to do with Cooper playing in the snow, but I wanted to share this story with everyone. I'm sure everyone that lives around here knows the man in Moses Lake who walks around town and then he sits on the curb and takes his shoes off. Now, I know nothing about this man, but I always call him Shoeless Joe and have always wondered about his story. Anyways, Bryce and I went to eat lunch at Inca's. After we had been there for awhile in walks "Shoeless Joe." He sits at the table by us. The staff was so nice to him and definitely knew him and what he liked. So, the waitress brought him his drink and then asked him if he wanted his usual and he said yes. When the waitress delivered his food, I waved her over and asked her to put his food on our check and she told us that they don't charge him. That just really moved me. It is really nice to see a restaurant do something so kind for someone who obviously doesn't have very much in his life. I think that if each one of us do one kind thing for just one person think of all the wonderful things that could/would happen in this world. How many people's lives could we touch?

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Going Family said...

You and Bryce will be blessed for your sweet act of kindness to that man. Thank you for being who you are.