Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend Happenings

So, have any of y'all ever heard of Murphy's Law? Well, I have my whole life. My dad's last name is Murphy and it seems that there were always days that if anything could go wrong it did and we just always joked that it was because of the last name. Well, Murphy's Law has been all over me and Bryce this weekend. It started on Friday. As we were getting ready to walk out the door to go to Tri Cities, Bryce notices that we have a flat tire. Now we have only had these tires for a couple of weeks. So, Bryce runs down to Tires West and they take the tire off and fill it up and put it back on the Jeep and we are on our merry way. Well, Saturday a bunch of us were going to Leavenworth and were supposed to meet up at Chad and Jaycie's house at 11. As we are getting ready, Bryce went outside to clean out the inside of the Jeep and noticed that we had another flat tire. Yep, the same tire. So, back to Tires West he goes. They just put air in it this time. By this time, we are sooo running late. On the way out to Aunt Lyn's, I noticed that we had about 12 miles until empty in the Jeep. I didn't think to much about because it has been on 0 before and we were still able to go at least another 20 miles. So, we finally meet up with Chad and Jaycie and by this time we are 45 minutes late. And I hate being late!! We get back into town at about 9:30 that night and the snow was coming down. We go to Aunt Lyn's to pick up the kids and she said they had gone into to town to watch Emma play basketball and that on the way home she noticed the Jeep was on fumes. Well, Bryce and I were like, "Oh it's OK. We should be able to get home." So, I jump in the Jeep with the kids and Bryce is in the car and away we go. Well, we were about 2-3 miles from our house when the Jeep ran out of gas. Never in my life has that happened to me. So, Brent came to the rescue and all was well. Until Sunday morning that is. As many of y'all know we got a ton of snow Saturday night. So, Bryce goes out Sunday morning to shovel the drive and guess what he sees? Yep, another flat tire!! The same stinkin' one! So, needless to say we were 30 minutes late to church. Hopefully, Bryce will be able to get the Jeep fixed tomorrow for good.

So, as I said a bunch of couples went to Leavenworth on Saturday to see the annual Christmas lighting. It was sooooo cold!!! But beautiful as ever! This is my third trip to Leavenworth, but my second during the winter. Bryce and I have decided to make this trip to Leavenworth a yearly ritual. I have to say my favorite store is the Kris Kringle store. I could spend a ton of money in that store! As the lighting ceremony begins the town "something" (which is what Bryce calls her) gives a little speech and then a pastor says a prayer and then there is some singing and then you get to see Father Christmas and Santa Clause. As the time comes, everyone in the crowd counts down from 10 to 1 and all of the stores in Leavenworth turn on their Christmas lights one by one. The neatest thing this year was that it started to snow as the lights began to come on. I believe most of us had a good time and can't wait to do it all again next year! And I must say that this year was much better than last year's trip to Leavenworth because I was pregnant and had horrible morning sickness and was throwing up. Yuck! Anyways, thanks to everybody that went: Chad, Jaycie, Brittney, Nate, Ted, Suzanne, Brent, Cindy, Drew, Jennie, Paul, Brittney, Shane and Rhonda. We had a blast!


ab5cgang said...

I know I loved it.

Erin said...

That is halarious!! I would get a refund on my tires! Sounds like such a fun time, I am getting excited to see everyone, although I'm not too excite about the cold! It is in the 40's here and that is plenty cold for me!

Going Family said...

Sorry about you tire trouble. If I were you, I would let Tires West have it. But that just me. Sounds like your Christmas Light trip was fun. Lucky!!