Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Road Rage!!!!

I really can't stand the way some people drive! It totally drives me nuts! Don't get me wrong I am used to snowbirds driving slow looking at the beautiful beaches, but hello there are not any beaches here!!! So, why do people not drive the speed limit? Or better yet, they don't drive the speed limit, but when it becomes double lanes on 17 where you can pass them they decide to speed up to 70 mph! Are you kidding me!? What is wrong with people up here in the north? They talk funny (I know y'all are probably saying the same thing about me :-)), it smells like poop, and they can't drive. Ugh! If it wasn't for Bryce's family, I would so be ready to move some where else. Thanks for listening! Hope I didn't offend anyone to much!

P.S. On another note, just wanted to let Aunt Debbi and Andy know that we are thinking about them and hope that all goes well with the heart catheterization and that Andy gets good news. Let us know if you need us for anything.


AOlson said...

Aaah Warden!! Home sweet home!! Not all of Washingron smells like that. Here in Tri-Cities we get Boise Cascade stench (peeuuu) instead of rotten potatos and manuer.

ab5cgang said...

You are funny. People do speed up in the double lanes.

Cox Family News said...

Was it our van??
I have always told everyone that if Ed and I are killed by an enraged driver its because we deserve it. Ed drives like he's out on the circle farm. He drives around like he's the only one on the road. We have been cussed at, spit at and obscened jestered at, and chased a few times. (scarey huh) I've lived here all my life so I don't know what clean smelling air is like. Hang in there Jodi - we love you.
Aunt Lorrie