Monday, January 12, 2009

Cooper's Party

We had Cooper's birthday party last night at Rick and Sharon's. Thank you very much for letting us use your house! I think the party went OK. Cooper doesn't quite understand that it was his birthday necessarily, just he was opening presents. He was also being quite the stinker. I don't know if he didn't get all of his nap out or if this is just how he is going to be now that he is 2. I'm thinking that this is just how he is going to be from now on. Terrible two's most definitely started early for us! So, I am sorry to our guests for the way he acted last night. I do try my hardest to get him to behave and to share. Anyways, when it was time to blow out the candle, Cooper had a little bit of trouble. He tried and tried to blow out the candle, but he wasn't blowing hard enough. Well, soon enough there was a nice spot of drool on the cake from where he was trying so hard to blow out the candles! So, daddy had to help him blow out the candle! All in all, it was a good party with lots of wonderful family there who spoiled Cooper more than he deserved!! We appreciate it very much! Thank you to everyone that came last night! You guys are the best and we love y'all very much! I almost forgot to add what kind of party would be complete without some type of an injury? Last night after Cooper's party, we went up to Brent and Cindy's for a little bit (so that I could taste her homemade chowder. Yummy!!!). Uncle Brent was playing on the computer and Cooper decided that he wanted to play too. So, he tried to climb into Uncle Brent's lap and ended up hitting his eye on the corner of the laptop. So, here is the picture of the injured birthday boy.

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Going Family said...

It looks like we missed quite the party. I'll pass on the cake!!

As my dad always said, "It's always fun until someone get hurt." Isn't that the truth!?!