Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A New Beginning

Well, last night was Bryce's last night at the hospital. He starts his new job tomorrow at the home health agency. I just really hope that he likes it. Heavens knows, I didn't like doing home health! Hopefully, this will be a positive change for us and our family.

On another note, I have a very hard time understanding why people hold grudges or lie when it is something that they initiated. Does that make sense? Kind of like when a man cheats on his wife and decides that he doesn't want to be married anymore. So, the wife moves on and finds someone else (now they were in the process of getting their divorce) who loves her, cares for her, and he feels the same. So, why is it that the husband who cheated and didn't want to be married anymore turns it all around to where it is the wife's fault? Maybe I will never understand it, but wouldn't telling the truth, as hard as it is, be the best thing to do? Does trashing someone to mutual friends make you happier, cooler, or the better person? Sorry, I guess I am just trying to understand the way some people think and how they can live with themselves for the things they have done and said.


Mishelle Noyes said...

To some people image is everything, sad but true. They are afraid of looking like the bad person so they bring the other person down. Its an evil act and some people even do it on purpose. For those that are on the other side all you can do is love that person and forgive them no matter how hard it is because that's what Heavenly Father wants you to do. Now matter how old we get we still act like children. The "she did it, no he did it!" scenario is still being out just in more mature wording. Good news is there are still good people out there. A long time ago there was a man who cheated on his wife 5 times. 5!! The wife could have left but persisted. Everytime he repented she would forgive. Eventually he got over his sinning and now they are happy happy couple. Looking at them you would have never thought they have gone through so much trouble. They are even temple workers!! You ask her how she had so much patience and love and her reply is "I knew I loved him and one day he would see he loved me and change. You cant change a person, they have to do it on their own." She is a great example to those around her of the great love and example our Lord has for us.

Congrats on your job Bryce! It's amazing to see what a man will go through to support his family! You guys are such a great couple together. You can see how much you support eachother. Keep up the love :-)

kY said...

This other individual just honestly doesn't have any self confidence and instead of everyone looking upon them they instead change it towards another so they dont look even more shamelessly stupid and embarrassed! I've had problems with this alot too....people can just be sooo jealous! Don't even trip...Like one of my best friends would say- --You Worry About Yours, Let Them Worry About Theirs, Cause I Got Mine!!!! skeek skeek