Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some thoughts

I am going to start this post letting everyone know that I am going to be talking about my thoughts and feelings about some things. So, if you don't really want to know, skip this post and just look at some new pics of the kids. They are pretty cute if you ask me!

I have been trying very hard to be OK about not being able to have anymore kids. But, in all honesty, it still hurts, as bad as when we were told we needed to be done having children. Although, I am so very thankful for Cooper and Sara, there are still times when I feel like our life just isn't complete. I love holding babies and snuggling with them. It just feels right. Even though, I am so very happy for everyone that is pregnant and just had a baby. I love seeing all the new little spirits that have been brought into our family. I guess I am just feeling a little down about everything. I have hoped that over time, that I would start feeling a little better about things. Maybe I just need to give myself a little more time. So, if I seem a little sad sometimes, know that it is not anything that you have done. Or, if I ask to hold your baby, just know that I am trying to move on and anywhere I can get some baby lovin', I am going to try. So, y'all just keep poppin out babies for me to love and dote on!



Chad and Jaycie Cole said...

I'm so sorry Jodie! I hope you find comfort, and I'll pray for ya.

Heatherlyn said...

Some things take a while to be OK with.

One of the upsides to having only 2 kids is that you can spend a lot of time with them and also probably not have an overwhelmingly large number of grandchildren so that you can have really great one-on-one relationships with your grandchildren too. My grandma was always a little sad that she only had two children but all of her grandchildren really benefitted from getting lots of her attention! Anyway, that's probably not much of a consolation right now.

Some things just take time. I hope that the Spirit is able to comfort you. You deserve comfort.

VICKI IN AZ said...

This is just precious. You are a dear one and of course this is going to hurt if you want more. You will always be able to find reasons why the twinges come as your life goes on as you open your heart to hear the answers. You will always be able to feel soft comfort for your pain. You will always be able to empathize with someone who needs your touch.

I have missed you and I am glad to be back reading.