Saturday, January 8, 2011

4 yrs Ago

I was thinking this morning that it was exactly 4 yrs ago today that we found out that we were having a boy instead of a girl. I have to add that this was also 3 days before he was born! I had several ultrasounds when I was pregnant with Cooper and they all said girl. So, needless to say we were totally shocked when the doctor said, "Hmmm....girl parts don't jiggle." Those words changed our lives in a heartbeat! The baby that I had been carrying for 9 months, the one I called Sara, was in fact a Cooper. I wish I could say that I was happy when we found out it was a boy. But, that would be lying. I totally lost it on the ultrasound table. I had EVERYTHING ready for our baby girl!!! Clothes were washed and put up, things were somewhat decorated. Now, here we were 3 days before I was to be induced and we had nothing for a boy! Thank goodness for great friends who came to the rescue! I can honestly say that this was the biggest shock in my life thus far. But, ya know, I cannot imagine my life without Cooper in it. He is a great big brother, most of the time.



Todd and Shana said...

I was just telling some friends about you the other day and how this happened to you. I cannot imagine! Pretty sure I would have lost it too! One girl was telling me she didn't find out until having the baby. She told them to shove him back in and find her a girl! :D

Love your little Cooper! Hope he has a wonderful birthday!

Mishelle Noyes said...

That is so funny! "...Um girl parts don't jiggle!." lol! That's hilarious! Well I'm glad you are happy with him and you finally got your Sarah :-) and welcome back to the blog world! Glad to have you back!

Joshua & Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Cooper!!!
Welcome back to blogging Jodie, I have missed reading your blog!!!

Katie said...

glad to have you back! and I am glad that cooper was in fact a boy because jake likes having him for a friend!