Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Our first born who was supposed to have been a girl. What a smart, caring (most of the time), and handsome boy he is. Cooper amazes me with some of the things he says. He is such a funny kid! But, he is also a sensitive little boy. He hates to watch movies with "bad"guys in them. If I am having a bad day, he will come up to me and give me a hug and a kiss to make it all better. I wish I could say that he is a good big brother. He has his moments, but most of the time he is fighting with Sara over EVERYTHING! He actually pushed her off the coffee table the other day. He is all boy!

Cooper just turned 4 in January. It is so hard to think that he will be in kindergarten in a little over a year! He is in preschool right now. He goes twice a week and he loves it! I am so thankful that we have been able to put him in preschool. He has learned so much this year. I am also lucky to have made some more friends. A girl can never have too many friends! Cooper has also made some good friends that I hope we can keep in touch with as the boys grow up. The really cool thing is the little boys that are Cooper's friends, also have little sisters Sara's age. The boys also go to preschool together and some of them even play soccer together. Cooper has become obsessed with dinosaurs this year. He can tell you the names of so many different dinosaurs and random facts about them. Thank you Dino Dan! Cooper also LOVES to read. He is starting to learn how to read. Cooper also loves to do puzzles and play games on the Leapster. He is definitely a smart little boy. There is no way I could go through all the things that he has learned and accomplished in the past year.

I am so thankful that Heavenly Father decided to send me a Cooper instead of a Sara first. It is amazing how much he has grown up in the past year. He can really be a wonderful helper, when he wants to. The kids and I went to Georgia this past summer to see my family and he was such a help everywhere we went. Oh, another thing that makes me so proud of Cooper is that he is really learning about Jesus and our Heavenly Father. He can tell you that we are supposed to obey and follow Jesus. This Christmas, he also learned what the true meaning of Christmas is. We are trying very hard to raise our children right and to teach them the things that are important in life. I cannot tell you what it feels like when your child reminds you to read the scriptures and say prayer before we go to bed. Or to tell you stories about Jesus that he has learned. Or to tell you that Christmas is about Jesus's birth and that we should always help others first. What a beautiful little boy Cooper is and is becoming. I feel so very lucky that Heavenly Father chose me to be his mother.

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Devon said...

Good boys come from good moms. :)

He is a sweetie!!