Thursday, March 31, 2011

Preschool Snacks

I really don't know what my problem is when it comes to bringing snacks for Cooper's preschool class. I just love to do "cool" treats. So far, I have done a cookie snowman and a heart shaped rice krispie treat dipped in chocolate with sprinkles. Well, it is our turn again for snacks in a couple of weeks and I am already stressing over finding something cute. I don't feel like I have to make something cute to be better than the other moms. I guess I just feel like it is the only time I can be creative. Plus, the kids totally love it. The week that we have snacks, they are learning about eggs and flowers. So, I have found a super cute egg shaped rice krispie with M&M's inside! But, I am kind of stuck on what to do about the flowers. Any ideas?? And remember, they have to be somewhat simple for me. I am not that talented.


Devon said...

LOVE these. I hope you come up with something awesome! I need ideas for a playgroup Easter party!!

Meagan said...
These look cute. Search "flower" on