Friday, April 1, 2011

Such an Embarrassing Moment

Today, I decided that we should take the kids to see the new movie Hop. What a great idea, right?!?! Well, let me set the scene for you. We left our house at 10:30 this morning so that I could take the kids to the pediatrician to make sure their ear infections were all gone. So, after the doctor, we (the kids and I) went and ate some lunch and then went to Wally World. I must say the kids behaved pretty well. We did a couple more errands while I was wasting time to figure out if Bryce was going to be able to go with us or not. Well, Sara fell asleep for like 3 seconds and then woke up. So, I thought I would just drive around for a bit and let her fall asleep so that she would be in a good mood for the movie.(Now, we haven't taken them to the movies since How To Train Your Dragon came out.) The car drive did put Cooper to sleep, but not Sara. Now, I am really dreading going to the movies and I probably should have said let's just go another day. But, of course I didn't say that.

So, we pick up Bryce from work and head to the theater. After we had been there for a bit, an elderly couple came and sat in front of us. (And let me tell you, that elderly couple could be a whole 'nother blog post.) The movie had been on for 45 minutes or so. Sara is really getting restless. She had finished all of her root beer and wanted more. So, I was going to give her some of Cooper's. I took the lid of her cup and handed it to Sara to hold for me. When she figured out that I was taking some of Cooper's root beer, she flipped out. So, she jerked her cup away. What I didn't know was that there was still a little root beer left in it. Needless to say, that elderly couple got a nice little root beer shower. I was so embarrassed! I almost started crying. I apologized and apologized and handed them the 1 napkin we had left. I totally wanted to get up and leave at that moment. Thankfully, Sara settled back down and we finished watching the movie.

Now, the theater has a couple of arcade games in the lobby. The kids had been asking to play the games since we first arrived. We told them they could after the movie. So, I head to the bathroom and left the kids with Bryce. As I was getting ready to wash my hands, I heard a little girl crying. Actually, she was screaming. I knew it was Sara as soon as I heard it. So, I rush out to the lobby to see what was going on. Bryce was walking to the change maker thingy and had just left Sara standing there screaming for daddy! I guess she got mad because Cooper sat on the motorcycle game first. So, I ended up grabbing the keys from Bryce and hauled her out to the car. She screamed the entire way to the car!! If that wasn't bad enough, when I put her in her seat, she started to buck and really screamed. Like ear piercing I just broke a bone scream. I just knew someone was going to call the cops on me! I finally fought her enough to get her in her carseat and get her buckled. Seriously, she was in the car for maybe 5 minutes before she was out. I just wanted to crawl under a rock and cry. It was such an embarrassing day and I totally wish I could say this was an April Fool's joke, but nope. It wasn't. Can someone please tell me when it's going to get better? Pretty please??


The Haertlings said...

I have a few books that might help, parenting with love and logic find it on Amazon. the second one is called raising an emotionally intellegent child by john gottman. oh and positive disapline, these three books have helped me with my kids soooo much! I would look for them on they always have super cheap prices. good luck sweety! ((hugs))

Devon said...

Oh my goodness....when it rains it pours, right? I guess it pours root beer...