Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Other Happenings Today

So, we all know that Cooper is a funny boy. Well, in the mornings when Sara wakes up Cooper will go into her room and climb in her crib with her and play for a few minutes. So, after a few minutes, Cooper comes out to the living room and says, "Sara?" And then he waved his hand in front of his nose. (He was trying to tell me that she was stinky.) So, he grabs one of his diapers and goes back into her room. I didn't think anything of it for a few minutes before I thought I should probably go in there and see what the heck they were doing (OK what the heck Cooper was doing). And this is what I found:
Cooper decided that Sara needed a diaper change and thought that he could do it himself. Thank goodness she wasn't poopy!!

And here is Cooper so proud of himself!

Tonight was the ward Christmas party. It was great to see most of Brent and Cindy's kids in the program. All though, I have to say that Aunt Lorrie is going to have to find a spot for Cooper next year because he just doesn't understand why he can't go up on the stage with Court, Cara, Cason, and Cael. That was our biggest struggle tonight. Trying to keep him happy and with us. And of course, Santa made a visit. So, Cooper and Sara both sat on Santa's lap again. I am very happy that they haven't reached the age where they freak out over Santa. I hope that I don't ever have to go through that.


Desi said...

That's funny! And he does look very proud of himself!! LOL

AOlson said...

I am SURE that the party was amazing fun considering the amazing committee:)

Cooper is a funny boy. Looks like you will have your hnads full!

Going Family said...

Look out, Jodie! Sounds like Cooper is a smartie.

I'm glad you kids don't freak out over Santa. This year Morgan has seen him twice and they both ended with tears and screaming for "mama".

Misty said...

Oh Jodie that is TOO hilarious!!! I am also glad she was stinky! For your sake and sanity! LOL!